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            I’m eleven days post op and things are going pretty well. My incisions are healing. I’m eating and drinking like I should be (Minus 3 days) and I’ve been taking my vitamins (minus 2 days).


            Okay so it hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been easier than some have experienced.


            Today my main complaint is eating.  I went form months and months of being hungry most of the time to not wanting to eat most of the time.  Right now I am shoving Dinty Moore Beef Stew down my throat. It’s not the best thing, but it’s got 10 grams of protein and is only 150 calories and the first meal like thing I’ve had in days.

            I haven’t really started cooking yet. I really need to start, but I’ve been finding it hard to motivate myself. I love to cook, I absolutely do, but not in my current kitchen. I’m going to have to get over it though because cooking my own meals means I can control carbs, sugar and all the good stuff that can become bad stuff if you eat too much of it. 


            But like I mentioned, right now my main goal is to get myself to even eat. 


            The first few days was easy. I drank all I needed, got my protein down like a champ. I counted. I made sure. The weekend hit and I lost my scheduling and it all went to hell. I think I got a total of 50 ounces of liquids  and 60 grams of protein for the weekend. That’s roughly what I should get in a day. 


            My minimums are 48 ounces of liquids and 65 ounces of protein. 


            And believe you me, that takes all fucking day.


            I had the add the fucking because man oh man what used to be a quick intake of breath is a day long battle of reminding myself to eat and drink. 


            So here is the solution.


            For that past nine months I’ve had a shake for breakfast and one for lunch.  I brink it in a single 20 oz container and chug it at the appropriate times.  I’m still bringing in the shake, but instead of doing it for lunch and breakfast, that 20 0z bottle is now my entire breakfast. So in one swoop, one hour long drawn out swoop, I get 20 ounces of liquid and 65 grams of protein!!!!!!!!

            So technically I only have to get 28 ounces of liquids in for the rest of the day.


            However, one shouldn’t live on protein shakes alone.


            So, I’m eating lunch and dinner on top of the shakes. The extra protein won’t hurt me and in those 10 to 16 ounces I’ll get some of the other stuff the body needs, veggies, fruits, carbs, fats….yeah that’s my plan.


            Cept…..it’s 1pm. I’ve been eating my stew for the last 35 minutes. I’m halfway through and hating every minute of it. My, my how the world turns.


            I’ll get it down because that’s what the Doctor ordered. So that’s what I’m doing.


            Well, I’m off to finish lunch and get back to work. Next time I’ll take about my waiter woes. Man those guys are pushy!!! NO!!!! I don’t want a drink with  that!!!!!!



Why are you suffering?

I have a low carb slimfast first thing in the morning: icey cold with a straw.
190 calories/ 20 g protein and it comes with vitamins.

Throughout the day I drink water bottles of shake or water.
My shake is 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder and crystal light for flavoring.
100-200 cals/ 20-50 g protein

Dinner is anything goes.

Yogurt goes down easy. You can mix powder in. Mine has 60 cals/5g prot before adding powder.

Tuna has 90 cal. and 19g prot in the new foil pouches.

Cottage cheese is like a wonder food. I use it when I have to have pasta or rice. Axelrod brand small curd has 90 cal/ 14g prot in 1/2 cup.

There are so many more. Shrimp. Salmon.
Stop torturing yourself with that canned Dintymoorecrap.
Protein. Vitamins. Water.
I think I was on the liquid diet so long I've forgotten how to eat. Thanks for the suggestions. They're great and sorry about the delayed repsonse. My e-mail isn't sending my notifications like it's supposed to.
I just hate when we can't see the forest for the trees.

Eating has been so miserable most of our lives: guilt over eating or suffering not to eat- how many awful salads did you suffer through? Never enjoying a salad cuz the good dressing was fattening.

You had your wls to bypass that. Atleast enjoy what you do eat. Dinty moore?!

For lunch today I had a yogurt with protein powder mixed in. Extra cold and it was like a sinful ice cream!
What kind of protein powder did you use?
Any protein powder that I use is vanilla flavored. Originally I chose vanilla cuz it is the mildest-I don't like sweet sweet stuff. Now I like vanilla cuz I find that it causes a creamy taste when I notice it. With crystal lite it has a better consistency than the koolaidness of C.L.
I don't even notice the protein powder added to the yogurt.

I have Nectar Protein powder in strawberry and it tastes like koolaid to me: sweet. I do notice that extra taste that turns people off to protein drinks and I don't like it. When I use it I need to drink it almost frozen-slushie style!

Walmart has 2 brands nice and cheap. The gray container is rarely in our store but it is my preference. Vitamin Shoppe carries it for about $8 more. The other walmart brand is $13 a container and I just used one up. It is ok. Currently, I am using Designer Whey from Vitamin Shoppe. I want to try GNC's Max.
Designer Whey might be better designed for weight loss. It is lower in fat (and taste). I don't care cuz I figure I have made enough changes that I don't need to lose one pound more a month and suffer ten times more than necessary.
Diets fail cuz of the suffer-factor. They don't work with real life.

Ask in the health food stores for sample products. Some companies actually make individual sized servings.

I've written a lot-sorry.
I know my original comment was about Dinty Moore. Two great solutions are shrimp and tuna. Tuna comes in packets of 18 grams of protein. Work with it. I like catalina dressing in my tuna instead of mayo- or ranch!
Shrimp is my new favorite food. It is not as expensive as it appears to be. I pay about $6 a pound at the fish store for shelled raw shrimp. One pound is equal to over 2 handfuls or 5 servings for you. Easy to cook. Microwave. Drop into boiling water or broth. Add soy sauce and garlic and "fry" in broth. 3 minutes and ready when pink. Use salad dressings for a thousand flavors.
I'm not much of a cooker, I'm just to lasy when I get home at night.

I picked up a slow cooker over the weekend at a local thrift shop and am looking forward to coming home tonight to my first attmpt at stew.

Minimal prep/cooking/washing up. Home made food a la lazy girl :)
I'm going to have to get a small one the one we have takes up too much counter space. (We live in a tiny apartment.) One with a timer would be good and stew sounds awesome at the moment.

(Apologies for late response not getting notifications.)