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Vites and Biting Headaches

            I have to say that the worse part of my Lap-Band has nothing to do with food. It has everything to do with vitamins and medicine.

            I hate chewable vitamins. I don’t mind the gummy ones. In fact Little Critters makes an exception good one, but I can no longer find the ones with iron. So, I’ve been chomping on chewables.

            My first batch were called “Love Bites”. I got them from Vitacost.com for a really good price and great shipping costs. These taste really good compared to other vitamins, but the aftertaste sucks. Since they are children’s vitamins I have to have two a day. So I can either draw out the ick and take on in the morning and one in the afternoon or I can take them both at once.


            Neither is very pleasant for me.


            I recently purchased Centrum® chewables. These are for adults and only require one a day. This isn’t too bad, I think. I try my first one and they are just as tasty as the Love Bites, but….the aftertaste is not great, far worse than the Love Bites. It actually lingers a bit and I end up wanting sweets to cover the taste. 


            I’ve been having trouble keeping up with my vitamins and aftertaste is basically the reason why.  I really, really want my Gummi-Vites w/Iron or some great tasting iron alternative so I can have the regular gummies. 


            But that’s not really the worst of it for me. Headaches are.  I don’t know what it’s going to be like when I get super sick either. What kind of anti-biotics are they going to give me? Will they be liquid? Shots? I’m not sure how that will go.

            I do know that I have to cut or crush my meds. Crushing them gets them down and they come at me fast. That’s kind of cool.

            It tastes like shit though. I’ve managed to do this Splenda® mix and it’s not so bad, but if I get the mix wrong I just taste the ick.

            But there is the cutting. If I cut my pills I end up taking each pill in four different pieces. By the time I’m done I’m actually full, watered too quickly with an odd ache in my stomach, but there is no funky taste.


            I think I may be taking them too quickly or the pieces are too big. I know after my fill on Wednesday I may have to go to straight crushing only.


            Or take liquid meds. 


            They have adult liquid Tylenol®. It’s not too bad as far as liquids are concerned, but it isn’t great either.  I’ve also had children’s meds which tend to taste better, grape, cherry, bubblegum…


            All in all though, I only take pain meds when the pain gets to be a real issue. Otherwise I suffer as long as I can.  In some ways this is a good thing. I’m not popping pills constantly like I used to. I’m actually attempting alternatives at alleviating pain, simple things like massaging my neck, temples, taking a walk, getting some water, etc.

            What I am finding is that if I take care of myself, eat well, sleep enough, exercise, lay off the sugars, lay off the caffeine, and basically lead a healthy lifestyle, headaches don’t plague me. If I “fall of the wagon”, my headaches come back.

            So I’m starting to think that our lifestyles perpetuate more than just obesity, I think they perpetuate a reliance on the artificial whether it be sugar and caffeine to keep us going or pain meds to alleviate pain,(fatigue and pain usually caused by our lifestyles).

            Do you see the circle there? I’m starting to. I’m starting to realize that eating clean, sleeping enough and taking care of my body isn’t “uncool”. Sure we like to live hard, play hard and die young, but I’m starting to think it’s not worth what putting our bodies through all of that just to feel like we have a dire purpose in life.


            Isn’t that what living fast is all about? Pushing the limits so we can feel special?  Maybe even indestructible? 


            I know cancer could befall me. I know I can get hit by a truck on the way home.  I know I could slip and fall. I know that in many ways death is always around the corner.
            But, such things are accidents, fate if you want or even God’s will. What I put into my body, how I treat my body, how I live, how I take care of myself, that’s all me.  That’s something I can control and maybe living well, living healthy is special, cool and before out time.


            Basically I’m going to take my vitamins because they are good for me. I’m going to live my life so that complaints about pain meds aren’t a part of my day. I’m going to strive for healthy in a way I never have before.  I’m going to stumble, I’m sure, but I’m going to get right back up.  I have to remember I’m aiming for true change and true change, on the scale I’m speaking of, doesn’t happen in a day.  It happens day by day by day. 


            Wow, next week is my fill. Next week I will really know what it means to have a Lap-Band®. I’m hoping all goes well with the weight loss. Right now I’m standing steady, not really losing, not really gaining. I’ve been learning to eat, learning to swallow and learning that in subtle ways, life has changed. There are still challenges to face, but I will embrace them like I have this whole adventure.


            Eat well, live well and above all, be happy. J

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