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 Though there are some public entries, the majority of my journal is "friends only". If you'd like to read more, please comment. Thanks.

me me me me me!! :P
Oh, that's what I get for not reading, huh.

It was a dark and stormy night, and LJ was blazing in the hearth, warming the room with snippets of lives and lies...I met her when she was all into the piss drinking...

*rolls eyes*
I found you through someone. Didn't get her name, but I met her at a coffee shop...

doesn't that sound like a song?

"I met her at a coffee shop she was drinking a latte and I admired her top"
Sounds musical.
I found you by searching for interests cuz I am trying to go for lapband surgery.

want a new friend?
Found you though the Labband community. I was banded July 31st and believe this whole process is much more of what is in my head than just needing to eat less.

hope you don't mind me friending you
Hi there, added you.